Judith Hoffman

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Metamorphic Suite

Metamorphic Suite, ©2015, 4 x 4.5 x 1 inches. Polymer, Pitt pen, drawing. Single sheet coptic bound. While playing with Maggie Maggio's watercolor wash technique and some scraps, I thought the areas of color looked like rocks and layers of earth.

Polymer clay is fun to work with, there are some artists making very interesting stuff with it. Many people bake their polymer things enough to cure, but it remains breakable. I wanted the pages to be flexible, more like paper. The technique I tried worked for this book, but I wasn't able to get the same flexibility in other book pages.

The other problem is that this book slowly slouches when displayed open, as you see it in the photo. Not a good look for a book. So I haven't made any more polymer books.

I do love this book. This may be my favorite page. The broken-looking layers on the right are very interesting.