Judith Hoffman

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Artist's books inspired by found text and materials

I like to think secret messages from the universe show up in odd places, we have to look for them and be alert. It's a gift to open the newspaper or a book and see words that spark a new idea. Here is a blog post about using found text as a source of inspiration. Similarly a material can spark an idea. Metamorphic Suite came about while I was playing with polymer clay. Wave and My O.K. came from left over bits of metal.

Recent Books First:

Drab Reality Seeing and Seen

Metamorphic Suite

my OK


Purple Mountain Observatory

Fern Book


The Life of Oaringa

Astronomers Say

Seeing Fish

The Distance of the Moon


An Eyewitness Account

nameless Temple

true character of the light

Unwatched Lights

Lights under inland waters