Judith Hoffman



The things I make are personal. I sometimes draw on dreams, memories and life experience for inspiration. At times I am inspired by odd materials or found phrases. Books were sometimes my only friends through frequent childhood moves. I love the book format, the chapter headings and layout. Books seem to hold all the secrets. I remember the magical process my dad used to develop film and print black and white photos when I was 6 or 7. He had a beautiful twin lens reflex camera that I later used when I was a teenager. When I was a kid I drew to amuse my younger brother and sisters. I like to draw my family now, especially the people who have died. Recently I have been thinking about those moments when I feel connected to this amazing experience of being alive. I love drawing, collage, and making small things that can be held in the hand. I make too many tests and not enough finished things. I am easily distracted. Everything takes longer than I expect. I am detail oriented but have less patience as I get older. I worry about dying. I have made things with small metal techniques, done some pinhole photography, some drawing and lots of collage. Currently I am using collage and drawing to make artist's books.