Judith Hoffman

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In Which our Main Character has a Revelation of Wonderment

In Which Our Main Character has a Revelation of Wonderment ©2019, 5.75 x 4 x 1 inch. Materials: Eco dyed Bagasse paper, eco dyed linen thread, architect’s tracing paper, found papers, acrylic paint, ink. Techniques: eco dying, collage, drawing, rubber stamping. Sold - purchased by the McCabe Library at Swarthmore College. The book was purchased out of the Philadelphia Center for the Book exhibit, Looking Out/Looking In.

I have had a few moments in my life when I felt connected to the universe, as if I could see everything all at once, and it all made sense. We can all have those moments, where we feel joy and are free from our daily worries and routine. It is, in a way, looking out at the world, seeing the beauty and reality without the overlay of our worries. But it's also looking in, seeing and feeling the space inside. I'm not saying life is always wonderful, because it's not. But allowing space for the good moments is important.

I enjoy the collage mixed with drawings, rubber stamping and the eco dyed marks. As I work I become absorbed in some internal story. On this page Benjamin Franklin is studying a huge moon. There had to be a small building to delineate the earth, and in the end I added a large stamp of a bird to have a weird change in sizes.

The guy on the right is drawn from a photo on Sktchy. The pages are so wonky from the eco dye process it's hard to photograph the book. They also spring open however they want to.

When she saw this page, my friend Elise said "He is hoeing the earth and the mountains are growing."

"like life itself. It feels like play and it feels like the wild black rhinoceros."

Here an amazing thing is happening just behind the photographer. He's so absorbed in the numbers and the flower he doesn't notice. I can be like that - so absorbed in getting the house clean I don't see the birds outside, going about their bird business.

All but one of the people drawings in this book are people in my family. That's my dad when he was young.

Our lives can be so amazing and then suddenly it's over.