Judith Hoffman

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Artist's books inspired by dreams, daydreams and memories

I don't often make books based on dreams. I record my dreams to think in terms of a dream-like atmosphere. But mostly they are kept private. However occasionally a dream feels important and has such strong visual parts that I like to put it in a book. Childhood memories fill a similar spot, they are the basis of who I am, a part of me that has always been there. I usually don't spell them out for people, but I do like to honor them at times. Although if you get me reminscing I will tell you a bunch about my childhood. There are blog posts here and here about using dreams as inspiration. And a blog post here about using childhood memories as inspiration.


Dinosaur Wave

Oneiro - pinhole camera

Bear With Me

In my Dreams We travel in Boats

zero to twelve

Evidence Suggests/memories 1 to 18

We can see by starlight

Myself as my grandfather, made of crickets, grass and rain


Duck Dreams

add dream focusing device? It's already in Tools.