Judith Hoffman

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Artist's books inspired by dreams and memories

I like to record my dreams to encourage myself to think in terms of a dream-like atmosphere. Mostly they are kept private. Occasionally a dream feels important and has such strong visual parts that I like to put it in a book. Childhood memories fill a similar spot, they are the basis of who I am, a part of me that has always been there. I like to honor them at times. One book here is based on my husband's childhood. It resonates with me as well. There are blog posts here and here about using dreams as inspiration. And a blog post here about using childhood memories as inspiration.

Recent books first:

Dream Intruders
artist book title My dreams defy analysis. by Judith Hoffman Effie Goes on Holiday artist book by Judith Hoffman A Child's Introduction to the Wonders of Space, an artist book by Judith Hoffman
My dreams defy analysis.

Effie Goes on Holiday

A child's introduction to the wonders of Space


Dinosaur Wave

Bear With Me

In my Dreams We travel in Boats

zero to twelve

evidence suggests/memories 1-18

We can see by starlight

Myself as my grandfather, made of crickets, grass and rain

Duck Dreams