Judith Hoffman

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The Distance of the Moon

The Distance of the Moon, ©1990, 2 x 3-3/4 x 1-3/4 inches, brass, silver, formica, copper. This little book is based on a story in "Cosmic Comics" by Italo Calvino. This is my all time favorite book. The stories are magic realism, but more lyrical than any other I have read. They are full of beautiful visual imagery. There is a blog post here about using found text as inspiration. Sold.

I made the three rings that hold the pages by annealing brass tubing and bending it gently over a dowel. They are held in place on the back with small nuts that go through the back of the book and into the ends of the rods. On this page his arm pivots at the shoulder.

Of course all the little parts were cut out with a jeweler's saw and riveted to the page. I made individual pages and then riveted them back to back so I didn't have to deal with the rivet heads coming through to the other side of the page. On this page her head turns.

On this page the fish woman's arm pivots at the shoulder. Making some of the people appear fishy was an addition on my part. For me there is a strong afinity between fish and the moon.