Judith Hoffman

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Man MoonGo

Man Moon-go: brass, watch parts, artist book by Judith Hoffman

Man Moon-Go ©1989, 4-3/4 x 3 x 3/4 inches, Brass, watch parts, silver, plexiglass. In Marie-Louise von Franz's book, "On Dreams & Death" I found this quote: "Many people make a doll to serve as a substitute for the corpse. The Chinese made one from a loincloth and called them Moon-Go." There is a blog post about this book here. The second image shows the book in his chest open. His hand holds the book shut, there are watch parts and a watch face as pages. The patina is a heat treatment. The arms pivot on rivets, the toes and legs dangle on jump rings. Sold.

Man Moon-go artist book by Judith Hoffman