Judith Hoffman

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Myself as my grandfather, made of crickets, grass and rain

Myself as my grandfather, made of crickets, grass and rain. ©1987. Sterling silver, brass, watch parts. I made this when I was preparing for my MFA show in 1987. I had been doing a lot of writing about my childhood in Ohio. I do believe we are all a product of our families and our childhoods. For better, worse, or both, those things are with us, and shape us, forever. Here is a blog post about childhood memories as inspiration. The binding is one I devised out of necessity. I wanted the arm to be able to move. So the pages turn on some bent tubing which is soldered to a little brass plate on the left. It is also soldered to the body on the right. Not for Sale.

The first page is a heart and a stomach. I soldered a little piece of brass screening on the heart for some texture.

The page behind that is a watch part, which symbolizes the soul or the spirit. That's a crushed watch part soldered to the big watch gear.

The third page is lungs and intestines. Behind that is a skeleton. All the etching was done in nitric acid. Tube rivets hold the arms and the little pivoting lever that holds the book shut.