Judith Hoffman

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Wave©2012, 3.25 x 3.75 x .75 inches Brass, copper, fabricated, rolling mill textures, heat and chemical patinas. Brass and copper book made from scraps left over from other projects. Some of these scraps have been around for 15 years or more. The binding is a series of square knots in waxed linen cord going through tube rivets. I did create three stars for this book, everything else is found. Chemical patina and heat patinas were added where needed. All parts were waxed as the book was assembled. I keep a lot of scraps, they always interest me because of their negative shapes. The main piece on the cover, above, is from parts I cut out for Dinosaur Wave and a test I did to try raising up the letters with short pieces of tubing. I raised it up from the cover a bit with tiny pieces of 18 gauge brass. Many of the parts came from Dinosaur Wave and Spirits Under Glass. There is more work for the viewer in this book. You have to make your own story, if you want one at all. Sold to Swarthmore Library. It was in a show of paperless books.

The shadowy shapes on the pages are from laying scraps on top of the pages when they were in the chemical patina bath.

The round dial is raised from the page a bit, and turns. It was rejected for use in Oneiro for some reason.

I think this is my favorite page - the positive/negative effect for the palm tree and hills is very interesting. The palm tree is from Dinosaur Wave. The tree trunk is the negative space from some text, not sure which book.