Judith Hoffman

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1 - 2 a. m.

1 - 2 a.m. ©1988, Cover: brass, pages: watercolor paper, acrylics, prismacolors, graphite, collage. The spiral is copper wire. One of a series of little books, each one is so personal. The title of this one refers to a terrible bout of insomnia that I had at the time. I was up in the middle of almost every night. It was peaceful and pleasant in a way, except I didn't feel "normal." The street was very quiet. Only a few other people were up, coming home from working late or being out. The buses that drove by our flat were empty, the drivers speeding along to get to their break area at Ocean Beach. I could stick my head out the window and hear the Pacific Ocean, which was about 15 blocks away. I often felt lonely and lost, feelings that were much fainter, or easier to ignore, in the middle of the day. Not for sale.