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7 Extinction Events

7 Extinction Events ©2006, 7 x 7 x 3 inches. Cover: copper, etched in ferric chloride. Pages: Arches watercolor paper, collage, Golden acrylics. Plastic dinosaur with a book in his chest. I cut the dinosaur with a jeweler’s saw and a mat knife, it's hollow inside. The front cover has an arm and a leg attached with nuts and bolts. This book was inspired by my interest in dinosaurs. I loved them as a kid and am still fascinated by them. On my 10th birthday, my grandparents sent me a telegram saying “Happy Birthday!” and a copy of “All About Dinosaurs” by Roy Chapman Andrews. I was enchanted by the story of finding dinosaur eggs in the Gobi desert. When I decided to replace my long lost copy, I was inspired to make 7 Extinction Events. I found a list of about 20 possible causes for extinction events. I chose the ones that seemed possible to illustrate. They are: impact, climate change, volcanism, gamma ray burst, plate tectonics and holocene extinction. Then I added death. That’s my personal death, an event on the magnitude of the extinction of dinosaurs for me. Here is another dinosaur book I made - Instruction Manual for the End. There is a blog post about the content here. And one here about being included in Lark's 500 Handmade Books. This book was also included in Humor in Craft from Schiffer, by Brigitte Martin.

Event 1 - Impact. I limited myself to the events I could show visually.

Event 2 - Climate Change.

Event 3 - Volcanism.

Event 4 - Gamma Ray Burst.

Event 5 - Plate Tectonics.

Event 6 - Holocene. The Holocene is our present age. Most biologists believe we're in a mass extinction event. To show global warming visually, I chose an SUV, and then added an atomic bomb for drama.

Event 7 is my own death - the one I take personally. (This one does not appear in Wikipedia.)

Bibliography. Every serious book has a serious bibliography.

These old plastic dinosaurs actually have a lot of nice textural detail on them. I painted it to bring up the texture, to soften the plastic color a bit, and to add a slight hint of metal. The dinosaur is first scrubbed with fine pumice, to clean him and create a little tooth and then painted a dinosaur green. Then he is painted with a darker shade with a hint of copper. The paint is immediately wiped off to bring up the texture.