Judith Hoffman

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Fern Book

Fern Book cover, ©2006, 4.75 x 5 x .75 inches (closed). Cover: etched and hammered copper, heat patina. Pages: watercolor paper, acrylics, Prismacolors, collage, ballpoint pen, matchbox pinhole camera photos. Bound with a coptic stitch, single page signatures.

Table of contents. Every important book has one right?

Fern Book - open. The diagrams that represent the soil and layers of rock under the fern are inspired by cross-sectional diagrams in geology books.

Detail, first page of Chapter 3. Most of the photos were taken with a matchbox pinhole camera. They are heavily scratched and otherwise distressed. Each photo is of plants and the light that falls on them. They were torn, against a ruler and by hand, so the edges are not square or straight.