Judith Hoffman

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Ikonen ©1988, 7-1/4 x 3-1/2 x 7/8 inches (open). Cover: brass, etching, fabricated. Pages: watercolor paper, acrylics, prismacolors, collage. Not for Sale.

I found a falling-apart book in German on icons (Ikonen) years ago. This little piece of paper was falling off the spine.

This is the title page. I love all the parts of books, index, TOC, title pages, numbers, headings. Too bad I can't include them all in each book.

I started with early art and made icons for different periods in time. The text says "tafel I" which I am guessing means "plate." Babelfish says "board."

This, of course is the icon for the Middle Ages. Luckily I didn't feel obligated to make sense here. The spiraling shape behind the icon is a ride in a theme park in Florida. I think it was Busch Gardens. My brother is on the ride somewhere.

The Rennaissance. Actually not my favorite art period.

The Age of Exploration (the 19th century?). That is a bandaid wrapper on the left. I just liked the red arrow. But I guess bandaids are very relevant to exploration, right?

And modern times. Shopping and technology.