Judith Hoffman

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In my Dreams We travel in Boats

In my Dreams We travel in Boats, ©2008, 6.5 x 3.25 x 1.25 inches closed. Open: about 16 inches long. Brass, Arches black cover paper, Prismacolor pencils, Bombay white ink. Boats are a common theme in my dreams. Here I travel through the air with my family in a large white boat. One group has to go in a separate boat. When I wake I realize all the people in the other boat have died in the waking world. I was thinking of medieval paintings and the inside of my eyelids when I chose red for the sky color.

This is the back view. Here my husband and I travel through a vast system of caves in a boat. We lean out to see amazing sights in the water. We see a man swim by in the air. Jim draws a huge moon and stars on the wall of the cave. A teacher comes by. We're like naughty children, hoping she won't see us. The last image is another dream. As I wake I see the silhouette of a man and his dog on sparkling water. A voice says "What is adrift? It's the hardest term in sailing. It's when you're past the mouth of the river."