Judith Hoffman

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Lights under inland waters

Lights under inland waters, cover ©1988, 4-1/4 x 2-1/8 x 1/2 inches (open). Cover: brass, fabricated. Pages: collaged watercolor paper. Not for Sale.

I like my books to have a book-like structure, with the kind of pace that traditional books have. A title page and enough pages are my minimum requirements. This title comes from a half rotted booklet about navigation I found on the ground. I have never been able to find another like it.

I guess this is the introduction.

Each left-hand page has a symbol from an old Egyptian art history book.

The photos on the right-hand pages were taken during a photo period I had while still in school. I loved the idea of setting up tableaus with found objects, taking photographs and then dismantling them. I have also taken tableau photos with pinhole cameras I made myself.

I don't think any of the photos I took in school are any good, but they are sometimes a good source of collage material.

Candles have a lot of interesting symbolism. Here they are hope and light in the dark spaces of my life.