Judith Hoffman

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true character of the light

true character of the light, ©1989, 3 x 5-5/8 x 5/8 inches (open). Cover: brass, plastics, found objects, fabricated. Pages: collaged watercolor paper. That is a cheap camera lens held over the star in the doorway by four rivets with stars on their heads. The dark area around the moon and one star is probably caused by not cleaning off the flux glass well enough after soldering. A photo of this book was in Shereen LaPlantz's "Cover to Cover." Not for Sale.

I did a series of these books, before my jewelry period. I still love all of them. This one started with a group of identical pictures of Jupiter and the little found title. I was thinking about stars, walking on other planets and finding other civilizations. My idea was that these other civilizations were founded by people we love who have died. Where do they go? Are they living on Mars?

These pages are in order, I wanted them numbered, but didn't want the numbers to reflect reality.

This pair of pages relates to my Christmas on Mars book.

I usually start with the blank pages. I give them several coats of acrylics, start drawing or collaging on them, and see what develops.

I used to have a collection of sugar packets that had scenery on them. This little picture of Ghiradelli Square was one of the scenes.