Judith Hoffman

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Astronomers Say

Astronomers say ©1998, 7 x 4 x 1/2 inches (closed). Museum board, watercolor paper, acrylics, prismacolors, ink, collage, accordion fold binding. This book was inspired by star charts and maps. The text on the cover was cut from museum board with a jeweler's saw.

Astronomers say, detail. The title comes from an article titled "Astronomers Say They Found Space Mirage." There is a blog post here about using found text as inspiration.

The back side. This contains supplemental information - A legend, index of stars, a drawing explaining how to view the stars, a copy of the article that inspired the book, and a drawing of an Einstein ring. In the center section it says "To view the stars: On a warm night, stand in an open field with crickets. Look up at the stars."