Judith Hoffman

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Bear With Me

Bear With Me, ©2008, 5.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 (closed). Museum board, topo maps, collage, photos, handcarved rubber stamps, handcarved pencil eraser font, transfer, memories, dreams. Wire edge binding. There is a blog entry about making this book here, and here is a blog entry about how I used dreams for inspiration in this book. There is a blog entry about three small books I made with the leftovers here.

Don't miss the end papers. I love endpapers in old books - the ones that have little pictures.

This teddy bear has been with me since I was very young. I took him to college when I left home for the first time.

I'm a big believer in fantasy boyfriends. Especially when the real ones fall short.

These are phrases from my dreams that refer to stars. When I write down my dreams, I always end with "I wake."

Another dream: I am walking along a path and see a man who is evil. A bear is just over a rise by the path. (the path is very light and sandy, trees and bushes are dark greens.) The bear growls at the evil man and raises a paw. The man drops to his knees and crawls off. I view all this from slightly above, looking down on the path.

In this dream some friends and I are threatened by a man with a bow and arrows. We become bears and walk down a long white hall. I hope the guy won't shoot us in the back as we walk away.

As I wake one morning I see a large group of bears walking in the surf. When I record my dreams, I'm not thinking they will become art, my main goal is to think in dream-terms when I'm working on a book.