Judith Hoffman

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Duck Dreams

Duck Dreams ©1987, 7 x 5 x 1 inch closed. Collage on watercolor paper painted with acrylics. I was in school when I made this. I didn't know anything about bookbinding, so I held the pages together with ball chain. These early books still have a lot of energy for me. I was experimenting with everything I could think of, and not afraid to mess something up or make a mistake. This book does look very apocalyptic now. Not for Sale.

The house structure on the right is cut from museum board and glued to the page.

The plastic bag on the left has glitter in it. (A sarcastic take on "stardust.") The house on the right has a piece of screening in it. You can look through to the next page.

The window on the left is the reverse of the house in the previous pair of pages. The falling star was salvaged from a piece of jewelry.