Judith Hoffman

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Invisible ©2001, 6 x 5-3/7 x 6-1/4 inches (open). 300 lb watercolor paper, painted with acrylics, collaged, found objects wired onto pages. Not for Sale.

I found this quote: "Over 90% of all matter in the universe is invisible" in a Science News article.

I think it's even more than that. We don't see most of the things around us. They are garbage, or stuff on the street, or just our old, boring possesions. The rock on the right came from Kehoe Beach.

I like to believe that many of these invisible items are carrying secret messages from afar. If you could decode that shell on the beach, you might understand more about life.

The first step is to stop and appreciate the color of rust on an old can in the road.

There is a lot of beauty we miss because we're looking for the beauty we believe we are missing.

Even my neighbor's highly trimmed shrub might be important.