Judith Hoffman

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The Life of Oaringa

The Life of Oaringa ©1998 3.5 x 3.25 x .5 inches. Acrylics, watercolor paper, collage. I made this little book when I was in a real slump - no ideas, no motivation. A friend said "just go make something - don't think of it as ART, just something to do. Don't plan on showing it to anyone." When it was done, and I was working steadily again, I liked it. Originally I thought I would bind it with an imitation ring binder metal cover, like Christmas on Mars so I made largish holes in the pages. It sat unbound on my work table for about a year, finally I sewed it up with a Keith Smith binding for single sheets. It used to look unfinished to me, but now I like it.

The table of contents. Book structure is important to me - I love the table of contents.