Judith Hoffman

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Prehistoric?, ©2011, 6 x 4 x .75 inches. Made for the 2012 Sketchbook Project. Watercolor papers, museum board, collage, photos of toy dinosaurs, acrylics, ink, the binding is sewn over tapes. The ends of the tapes are between two layers of museum board that make up the covers. I made an artist's book on watercolor paper instead of using the sketchbook they sent. It's the same dimensions but only the label with bar code remains from the original. I used some pages left from another project. This was fun to do, rather freeing since I didn't take it too seriously. But I am disappointed that you have to be logged in to their web site to view the books. I also put the photos on flickr, where everything is public, you just can't comment unless you log in.

A triceratops admires my table of contents. I love book structure, every book really needs a TOC.

Many of my old toy dinosaurs are strange. I think they are great models, adding to a dreamy atmosphere.

The long tailed dinosaur is odd looking, but the one flying overhead is even odder. A friend referred to him as a "duck-a-saurus."

Dinosaurs in the museum, admiring ancient sculptures. The text on the lower left says "A time to remember, a time to dream. It's 3 a. m. on a summer night in the . . ." On the lower right "4,000,000 visitors"

Maybe my favorite page.

Here's the duck-a-saurus again, he's plastic with cloth wings. His wingspan is probably 16 inches.