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The Findings of the Expedition to an Unknown Land by Ludmilla Paulsdotter

The Findings of the Expedition to an Unknown Land by Ludmilla Paulsdotter ©2005, , 8 x 7 x 3 inches, closed. Opened all the way it measures 70 inches. Accordion fold book. Watercolor paper, museum board, old photos, ink. I have always been fascinated by other people's family photos. I found a box on ebay that was largely landscapes. I had the photos spread out on my worktable and noticed that the horizon line could line up and make an interesting landscape. I began tearing them up and arranging them in different ways. When I had about 3 feet, and couldn't protect it from our cats, I realized I should glue them down. Here is a blog entry about how I used dreams for inspiration in this book. Not for Sale (The photos make the book too thick in the folds so it's fragile).

First half of the front side. All the recognizable people are from my family. They are either current or from old photos which I copied and had re-printed. For some of them I had Jim pose in the yard. He is the guy with the binoculars on the left, and the backpack person to the right. The kid on the bike is me, when I was about 10.

Second half of the front. The right-hand pair of panels was inspired by a dream I had of my family traveling in small boats. We stepped off a hill into the boat and drifted away in the air.

First half of back side. On the back I made a map of the area, complete with a key to the symbols. The landmarks and cities got the explorer's names. This page shows Charlesson Fortress, Paulsdotter City and Shadow Lands.

Second half of the back. On the left is more of the map. I studied a lot of old maps to get ideas for this book. I always liked the name "Ludmilla." My Dad's name was Paul, so I am Ludmilla Paulsdotter.