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Krampus Mask

Here is a Krampus mask you can download and make yourself. You need a printer, scissors and string or elastic. A mat knife would be useful but not necessary. I recommend card stock paper. When I made this file, in Procreate, I left a band of red around the drawing so you don't have to cut precisely to the edge of the drawing.

Instructions: Read through all instructions before beginning. Download the mask here. Print the pdf. It's sized for 8.5 x 11 inch paper, but it would probably resize fine to a similar size.

Hold the mask up to a window so you can see the black arrows from the back. Mark them on the back. From the back (blank side) fold the mask along a line going from the upper black arrow to the bottom one.

Cut out the mask.

Fold the mask along the existing fold, with the printed side out. It's not symmetrical, the goal is to have a fold running down the center of the face. Hopefully the two sides will line up in the area of the two red arrows.

Cut where the white lines on the image are. Notice I drew the white line more toward the eye, to make the bridge of the nose wider than in the drawing. This area tears easily and will be stronger if it's wider.

Poke tiny holes where the two white dots are on the image. A compass or sharp pencil will work.

Cut out the eyes. They may need to be larger or moved, depending on the size of your face.

Cut out the tongue, insert into the slot in the mouth. Note: when the mask is on, the teeth look too prominent to me.You may want to put the tongue in a slot just below the lip.

Cut two pieces of string about 12 inches long. Put a knot in one end, pass the unknotted end through the small hole, leaving the knot on the front. Thin elastic could also work. You could also put the string through a dark colored button and then through the hole in the mask. That would spread the pressure on the mask.

Krampus mask with gelli plate background made by Judith Hoffman

Krampus mask with gelli plate background.