Judith Hoffman

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Steam Iron Press

free, make-it-yourself and low cost books

Steam Iron Press is my low cost or free mass market arm. This started as a joke when I made Dreaming Made Easy for the Free For All exhibit.I wanted a press name to put on the back of the book, since I was the author named on the front. It has become one of my favorite projects. Many of these small books are based on larger books I have made. Most of these books can be downloaded for free. Some assembly required.

greenman mask made by Judith Hoffman Stolen Shadows free one sheet book

Greenman mask - free download, you can be a greenman.

Stolen Shadows - free download mini zine based on Stolen Shadows

A child's introduction to the wonders of space - free download mini zine

Spectacles for Viewing Christmas on Mars by Judith Hoffman

Spectacles for viewing Christmas on Mars and plain white pair. Free download.

Dreaming Made Easy - free download

Bear with me - free download

Bird Life - open edition

Six Scenic Views of the Late Cretaceous - open edition The Quiet Parlor of the Fishes - open edition